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oxygen sensor classification

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oxygen sensor classification

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Q: What's planer oxygen sensor?

A: The photo look like this.

Q: What classification of automotive oxygen sensor?

Detection: Narrow Band Wide Band
Function: Downstream Upstream
Matieral: Zirconia Titanium
Heating or not: Non-heated Heated
Chip style: Thimble Planar

Q: What's the difference between thimble and planar oxygen sensor?

A:The shape of the core chips are different, and their technical parameters are totally different.

Q: Both of them could be used on cars?

A: Yes.

Q:What is the difference between these two models in terms of cost and effect?

A:The main difference is vehicles matching, and the cost of the chip type is higher then thimble type.

Q: What kind of car models are planar type mostly?

A: After the implementation of the National V emission standards in 2016, most of car models are planar type.



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